Savagepedia 2016 Subscription Renewal

[Update (2016-11-3, 7:06AM EDT): Wow, that was fast! We have the funds! Thank you to everyone who donated! A big shout out to John Steve, David Pope, and Manuel Sambs for carrying us over the finish line!

[Update (2016-11-3, 1:03AM EDT): Thanks to Kevin Flynn and Paul Kasper (the original Savagepedia admin ohoh7), we’re now at $85!

[Update (2016-11-2, 11:53PM EDT): A big thank you to Victor Diaz for being the first to donate and in the amount of $50 which gets us halfway there!]

Savagepedia needs our help again!

We have 14 days remaining as of this post. I’m collecting donations via PayPal; fortunately, Wikispaces accepts PayPal as a form of payment.

It’s time for its subscription renewal which costs $100 per year. The Savage Worlds community helped raise funds last year, and we can likely do it again this year.

If you appreciate the value that Savagepedia brings to our community and want to help it live on, please consider sending a donation. Even a few dollars helps us reach this (relatively) modest goal. (I know a lot of us have spent a good amount on Kickstarters for poker decks and Savage Worlds products in the past.)

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