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  • Murder Hobo Show RPG Podcast – Episode ELEVEN – Tricube Tales Murder Hobo Show is a podcast about roleplaying games in general. We pretend to know what we are talking about, but mostly just make fart jokes and say really dumb things. Plug us into your earholes and let the […]
  • Publisher: Pinnacle EntertainmentEven in space, people will hear you scream.Orbital Decay is a supplement/mini setting for Savage Worlds that is about horror in a science fiction retro-future. What happens when your crew of long-haul space truckers stumbles upon a derelict ship in mid flight, or docks with a station secetly […]
  • Ahoi, ihr Landratten und Süßwassermatrosen! Noch immer sind wir wacker und tapfer dabei die Welt vor dem Absaufen zu retten. Dabei ist aber immer wieder mal der ein oder andere Abstecher im Spiel. So auch dieses Mal, wie im nachfolgenden Spielbericht zu lesen. Arrr! SPOILER: Das Kampagnenlog behandelt die Plot-Point-Kampagne […]
  • Coffin Rock is an old first adventure for Deadlands Reloaded when it had just moved to the Savage Worlds system. Despite being for an outdated version of the rule-set, I think this is one of the best introductory adventures I have seen. Which makes me happy that my wife encouraged […]
  • Publisher: Pinnacle EntertainmentMagical practitioners wielding weapons of pure magic, formed by their will. Their Spirit Weapon is whatever suits them—a sword and shield, a polearm, dual axes, even a pool cue.  The Warrior Adept includes a fully-realized Arcane Background, a supporting Power Edge, and the means to create a Spirit Weapon. […]