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  • These past two years were a wild time for a lot of us. Whether you are a former, current, or future customer, we wanted to use this time to give you an update on our company. We covered all this in greater detail, by the way, in the AMA:
  • RPG news in bullet-point lists and easy to scan sections. If that’s what you want, then you’re in the right place. Mr Root And it’s good to have you here. It’s also good to say thanks. Thank you to Geek Native’s Patrons. There’s a gift coming your way! Digital copies […]
  • Publisher: GRAmelThis is the third in a series of short adventures for Toy Troopers — a “living toy soldiers” setting from Gramel. In Toy Trooper Tales you'll find brief encounters, new enemies, or dangerous situations for your Green soldiers.Strange things are going on in the Real World. The Boy set […]
  • The Trio had a lively debate on what’s most important when trying to get players into settings they’re unfamiliar with. Lots of food for thought here! Chapter Markers: 00:00:00 – Intro 00:00:57 – Patron Praisings 00:02:05 – Stories From the SavageSphere 00:04:21 – Main Topic: Introducing New Settings 01:01:26 – […]
  • Murder Hobo RPG Show is a podcast about role playing games.  We pretend to know what we are talking about, but mostly just make fart jokes and say really dumb things. In this episode Uncle Jay who is now settled in Vancouver Washington and myself who lives just outside Vancouver, […]
  • En el mecenazgo desbloqueasteis una banda sonora para Deadlands. Nosotros se la hemos comprado a Sara Lopez Productions, y ahora la liberamos bajo licencia CC BY para que cualquier rolero de la tierra pueda disfrutarla y usarla sin miedo alguno. A continuación tenéis los enlaces para descargaros las diferentes pistas […]
  • With Demise gone, the wraiths that had fled from Aruget’s holy light did not return, and Ivello made a happy discovery: while his trusty quarterstaff had indeed been lost in the attack that killed Scorn, he spotted a glint of metal among some rocks and went over to investigate.  Yeraa’s […]
  • Carl makes a case for why Savage Worlds GMs (Gamemasters) should roll "in the open".RPG Rock Music:'s RPG Material: