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  • Pinnacle has made a virtual tabletop map asset available as a free download for everyone, after having given it away to Deadlands Kickstarter backers. The Weird West Map shows the state of the American union during the era of Deadlands: the Weird West. This Deadlands map joins a growing number […]
  • With no mail this week, Darrell Hayhurst joined the crew to talk about campaign design. There was also time for a Lightning Round. Chapter Markers: 00:00:00 – Intro 00:00:56 – Patron Praisings 00:01:58 – Stories From the SavageSphere 00:04:03 – Lightning Round 00:29:30 – Main Topic: Campaign Design 01:11:05 – […]
  • This week in the United States, families and friends will gather (virtually or otherwise) to celebrate Thanksgiving. While 2020 has truly been one for the record books, it has also been a big year for Pinnacle with a very successful Kickstarter campaign for Deadlands: the Weird West (plus our brand […]
  • “Head ’em up and move ’em out! Your cowpokes are joining one of the longest, most dangerous cattle drives in the Weird West!“ Blood Drive, written by John “Night Train” Goff, originally appeared as three linked adventures for Deadlands Reloaded, and was sold only in PDF. Now we’re printing Blood […]
  • Better Off UN-Dead, a sequel (of sorts) to the classic ’80s teen comedy Better Off Dead, livestreamed for charity this past Saturday, November 21st on the GamersTable Twitch channel. The stream, Game Mastered by Chris Hussey and using the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition rules, told the story of what (might […]
  • Now available for your virtual tabletop of choice, this FREE, full-color Weird West Map reflects the state of the union in the most recent history presented in Deadlands: the Weird West. Don’t get lost out in the Western States, download this new map today! Backers of the Deadlands Kickstarter received […]
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  • Publisher: Knight Errant MediaOperation Mnemosyne is a short adventure for Titan Effect RPG. The operatives go on a dangerous mission in Iceland to infiltrate a data center belonging to the Olympians, and to recover vital information. They will have to deal with heavy security composed of ARES contractors and deadly chimera […]
  • Publisher: Knight Errant MediaThis set contains 5 maps for Titan Effect RPG. These maps are generic so they can be easily used for different purposes and even be combined. Including: Airfield Criminal Stronghold Military Outpost Safehouse Secret Facility *** About Titan Effect *** Titan Effect RPG is an espionage and science fiction […]
  • Hoy os traigo otro módulo de Twilight:2000 (T2K) para Savage Worlds. Es una adaptación libre del módulo clásico de la primera edición de T2K "Going Home", que trata de la evacuación estadounidense de Europa al final de la Guerra del Crepúsculo. Lo que encontraréis es un módulo sand-box de 36 páginas con […]