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  • This post presents a branch of the Sword of Abraham that operates in North Africa and the Middle East.-NateSaif al-Ibrahim PDFIntroductionSome people might be familiar with the organization known as the Sword of Abraham, which operates predominantly in Europe and North America, which was dedicated to preventing people from using […]
  • Publisher: Pinnacle EntertainmentAdd some cultivation to your Savage Worlds Adventure Editon game, Cutivated Chi, that is!  Of Breath and Flow is a collection of rules and setting content that GMs can use to add a Wuxia action vibe to any game they run, from fantasy to Sci-Fi. Inside are 12 […]
  • Publisher: Star City SavagesThe Drowned War is an upcoming setting using the Savage World System. Set in a Post Apocalyptic world where refugees survive on man-made islands in the wake of the Anthropocene. A multi Genre setting that allows players to explore a world covered by oceans and faces the […]
  • Publisher: BPB GamesThe Best Heroes Failed, What Can You Do Sidekick? The Black Swan is a new One Sheet by BPB Games, the creators of Savage Tokusatsu and StarStreamers, that places players into the roles of sidekicks and C-Rank superheroes that were sent to an alternate universe on a vitally important […]
  • This week's topic was Networking and investigations. There was also a rather lengthy tangent about indulging player-specific details. Note: There was a technical issue with Tracy's audio, but we think it sounds good enough to release without a full re-record.
  • Publisher: Mystical Throne EntertainmentThis special bundle product contains the following titles.Systematic Adventures #01: The Secret of Isla de MonosRegular price: 0Bundle price: 0Format: PDF One morning, you wake up and look in the mirror. The face looking back at you is not your own; you have been the unfortunate recipient of a Voodoo […]
  • Olá,  Selvagens! O Savagecast lança seu episódio 48 com uma novidade. Neste episódio, Renato “Goldael” Alan narra uma aventura no cenário de Rippers Resurrected, onde a personagem da Hades, a exploradora de ascendência italiana Irina Capello, tenta resolver o quebra-cabeça de uma série de assassinatos bizarros ocorridos em uma obscura Londres vitoriana. […]
  • Ace licensee GRAmel Books (Beasts & Barbarians, Nemezis, and Tyrnador) has been extremely busy during the global lockdown, and they’ve got several new releases to prove it! First up, 15 Barrels of Wine on the Wall is a simple one-shot adventure for their comedic, culinary fantasy setting, Béchamel, in which the heroes need to […]
  • To keep track of all those colonists wandering about the surface of Banshee (or traveling among the stars above), we present to you our FREE, form-fillable, PDF character sheet for use with Deadlands: Lost Colony! And while you’re downloading that indispensable item, be sure to grab all our other print-and-play […]
  • Whether it was through the sinister influence of a dreaded braincrawler or the unfortunate result of a roving band of wild chirakas, we recently stumbled upon a couple glitches that needed to be addressed in the Deadlands: Lost Colony rulebook and Widowmaker adventure. What this means is that you should […]