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  • Welcome back to Gaming with Gage, your podcast for Roleplaying Games and the Periphery.Thanks for being hereAnd thank you for being here for Season Six! It’s incredible to be working on another season of Gaming with Gage and I’m so excited for some of the interviews we have lined up. […]
  • Last night we ran a one shot to celebrate the delivery of dead tree versions of the new Rifts for Savage Worlds American Armageddon Kickstarter products. We’ve seen some great unboxing videos and people have been loving their new books so it seemed like a great time to play. Add […]
  • Sometimes it may be a better idea for the GM to roll some dice for the players – like those time when your ninja is trying to move silently, or your Street Samurai is trying to hear if anything is behind the door, or maybe your wizard is trying to […]
  • Devil’s Run now available to buy from DriveThruRPG. This tabletop roleplaying game is set within Word Forge Games’ Devil’s Run: Route 666 board game. Two great nations destroyed themselves, one is nothing more than an irradiated death zone and the other a sparsely populated wasteland where anarchy has taken over. […]
  • Publisher: Dog House RulesFREE Quarantine Special! Designed for use with Trailer Park Shark Attack!, this set of 10 shark tokens enhances your online virtual tabletop gaming experience. All 10 tokens are transparent .png files ready for use on the TPSA maps. The trailer park is flooded with sharks! Can you survive? […]
  • Publisher: GRAmelIn this first official adventure for Clock and Dagger, the players will meet and hate some of the most well-known people of Urx!In this one-shot adventure the rogues will be running a small illegal gambling house… and coping with a big spender nicknamed "The Whale". Who is she, why […]
  • What people carved out steps, ever-twisting upwards to the mountain summit? Devout monks committing a dutiful pennance of labor? Or do these steps climb to an ancient temple or tomb, lost to the ravages of time? Link.
  • Hoy os traigo una nueva aventura para Deadlands Lost Colony, la Colonia Perdida, para jugarla con Savage Worlds (edición Aventura). Se titula The Bigger they are… y está basada en una idea contenida en el libro de la ambientación.Aquí tenéis el PDF de la aventura para descargarlo. Contiene una introducción a la […]