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  • by Hours without Sleep
    Session Start We started this session with a little book keeping. Everyone got there first advance and a surprise. Since one of the players is […]
  • by Venatus Vinco
    Stacks On Stacks On Stacks Savage Rifts® characters are very complicated! Racial features, Hero’s Journey results, Iconic Framework abilities, powers, and advanced gear can make […]
  • by
    Publisher: Just Insert ImaginationImpress your friends with this set of 7 convention suite pregenerated Wiseguys character sheets and table tents.  The set comes with blank […]
  • by Nerds-International
    Listen up gombolites and grambits of Marmon! It is time to find out more about this Red Tape Sci-Fi setting while we await Gombo's Awakening. […]
  • by Eran
    A few rule remarks about what’s going on here: Success with a Persuasion attempt is not the same as ‘making them behave in the way […]
  • by
    Publisher: Up to Four PlayersLiving in Syn is a companion to Crystal Heart, presenting several new systems and suggestions for both players and GMs: Further Training […]
  • by Sounds Like Crowes
    Aaron: The boys make their way to "Rancho" and make progress differently than they expect.
  • by Allison Nesbit
  • by Stephen 'Stormwell' Hughes
    Another week where I've found myself short on time to do a longer post, so instead its another new aircraft. This is suppose to be […]
  • by Gage Verronneau
    Welcome back to Gaming with Gage, your podcast for Roleplaying Games and the Periphery.Thanks for being hereHello everyone. I am currently halfway through a killer […]