Submit Your Feed

If you would like to include your media content in the Savage Worlds Media Network (SWMN) feed, please provide a feed URL for your content in the form below. Ideally, you should provide a feed URL for content that is tagged or categorized specifically as “Savage Worlds” to help with keeping the content focused appropriately.

Use of the Savage Worlds Media license is strongly encouraged and completely free. Information about the license is available on Pinnacle Entertainment Group’s Licensing page.

Submission Form

Below are some basic instructions for how to find your appropriate feed.


If you’d like to have your Twitch videos added to the feed, you’ll only need to tag your videos with the Savage Worlds category on Twitch. We’ve set it up so that it’ll automagically appear in the feed.


As with Twitch, YouTube videos simply need to have the #savageworlds hashtag to automagically appear in the feed.


Podcasts are super easy. You’ll just need to send us the same podcast feed URL that you submitted to iTunes and other podcast directory services.

If your podcast is focused on Savage Worlds only, you’re all done. If you cover other topics, consider including the phrase “Savage Worlds” somewhere in your content or episode title, or tag, categorize, or label it with that phrase when appropriate. Let us know which method you use so that we can can handle it accordingly on our end.


Most blogging platforms support feeds for categories, tags, or labels. For example, below are help pages for WordPress and Blogger.

Once you’ve identified your feed URL, you may submit it using the form above.