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  • SBN Hangouts: Frank Turfler

    SBN Hangouts: Frank Turfler

    Frank Turfler of Middle Kingdoms Adventure & Trading Co., an official Savage Worlds licensee, joins Ron and Kristian to talk about his Savage Dungeons project, the Savage Worlds “adventure framework” Heart of Darkness, 2.5D Adventure Tiles, and more! Be sure to tune in to learn all about what Frank has in the works and even ask your own questions during the live broadcast. Also, if you’re wanting to encourage Frank’s behavior, be sure to throw some money at him via Patreon.

  • SBN Hangouts: SavageCast

    SBN Hangouts: SavageCast

    Chris “Savage Mommy” Fuchs and Chris “Savage Bull” Landauer join Ron and Kristian to get savage about podcasting, specifically the all new Savage Worlds podcast SavageCast!

  • SBN Hangouts: Karl Keesler

    SBN Hangouts: Karl Keesler

    Kristian Serrano interviews and geeks out with Karl Keesler, mastermind setting mashup artist and creator of endless fan-made custom Savage Worlds character sheets, minis, and more! Learn just exactly how he comes up with his ideas and makes those wonderful toys!

  • SBN Hangouts: Olympus, Inc. Kickstarter

    SBN Hangouts: Olympus, Inc. Kickstarter

    Charles White of Fabled Environments joins Ron Blessing and Kristian Serrano to talk about the Kickstarter for Olympus, Inc., a new Savage Worlds setting in which the Titans and Olympians have been cast out of the heavens to continue their fight for control among mortal humans who are unaware of the conflict around them.

  • SBN Hangouts: Accursed – World of Morden Kickstarter

    SBN Hangouts: Accursed – World of Morden Kickstarter Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:03:58 — 30.5MB)Guests John Dunn and Ross Watson join hosts Ron Blessing and Kristian Serrano for a Savage Bloggers Network Hangout on Air to discuss the details of Melior Via’s new Kickstarter Campaign for Accursed: World of Morden, a collection of supplements detailing the world of Morden. […]