Cover for High-Space: Into the Remnant

Storyweaver Games’ Thank You Gift to the SBN

High Space: Into the Remnant has been the #1 item’s Hottest Titles list all week, and as a thank you present to the Savage Bloggers Network and its followers (that’s you!), +StoryWeaver Games has offered these four free downloads of its AAA Action Game Tiles.

I just wanted to personally thank you for the call out about my latest adventure, High-Space: Into the Remnant. It’s amazing – it’s still #1 on RPGNow’s Hottest List! And that’s at least partly due to the great word of mouth from you guys. I am in your debt. ~ +Joe Sweeney

The links below will discount and place the items in your cart.

So make with the clickety-click on the links above and download some free tiles. And while your at it, check out High Space to find out why it’s #1 on!