Storyweaver Games’ Thank You Gift to the SBN

Cover for High-Space: Into the Remnant

High Space: Into the Remnant has been the #1 item’s Hottest Titles list all week, and as a thank you present to the Savage Bloggers Network and its followers (that’s you!), +StoryWeaver Games has offered these four free downloads of its AAA Action Game Tiles.

I just wanted to personally thank you for the call out about my latest adventure, High-Space: Into the Remnant. It’s amazing – it’s still #1 on RPGNow’s Hottest List! And that’s at least partly due to the great word of mouth from you guys. I am in your debt. ~ +Joe Sweeney

The links below will discount and place the items in your cart.

So make with the clickety-click on the links above and download some free tiles. And while your at it, check out High Space to find out why it’s #1 on!

Switching from Feedburner Socialize to IFTTT

While in the mindset of switching from Google services, I’ve decided to stop using Feedburner‘s Socialize feature and instead am testing IFTTT for posting feed items to Twitter. Socialize hasn’t been very reliable, and it only grabbed the most recent 8 items. That means if it missed a batch for whatever reason, the next batch wouldn’t include those items that were skipped. For example, yesterday, Pinnacle’s own Tuesday updates didn’t make their way to Twitter, and I found that very frustrating. I figured it was time to find something more reliable.

Again, if you see any anomalies, feel free to post here.

Migrating to Tiny Tiny RSS

Tiny Tiny RSS logo

[Update–June 16, 2013: Passing the feeds through Feedburner or Yahoo! Pipes didn’t work as neither could grab the feeds either, but passing them through Feedrinse worked just fine! I’ll be completing the migration in the very near future.]

As most of you know, Google Reader, the tool primarily responsible for generating this collected feed, is going away. As such, I’ve been working diligently on finding an alternative solution. I’ve finally settled on Tiny Tiny RSS (TT-RSS), which does everything I need and then some. I can generate a feed from any folder or any label, or even have a dedicated “public feed” for whatever I’d like. I can apply labels to any individual feed item as well.

It’s not without its quirks though. There are certain feeds that don’t seem to be working properly, or are outright inaccessible from Tiny Tiny RSS. The two important feeds are Smiling Jack’s Bar and Grill (at its new URL) and Roleplay DNA, both of which are hosted on I’m contacting +Justin Suzuki and some folks in the TT-RSS Google+ Community to see if the issue is on TT-RSS’ end or on the podcasts’ server’s end and find a solution in either case.

By the way, Tiny Tiny RSS has an excellent Android app, too.