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SBN Podcast Survey

We’d like to know how we can improve our Savage Worlds podcast. Let us know by completing our short survey. Even if you’ve never heard of our show, you can tell us that, too.






2 responses to “SBN Podcast Survey”

  1. Rich Borges Avatar
    Rich Borges

    I would really like more at the table kind of things. The news is nice and all but I would love more in game help and content.

    1. Kristian Serrano Avatar

      You’re not alone, Rich! Others have said the same thing, specifically in regards to Simply Savage. Several responses to the survey have mentioned longer and more frequent episodes of Simply Savage. That’s something we’re working on.

      In fact, we recently adjusted out Patreon goals in hope of raise funding for professional editing to free up our time and get longer and more episodes of Simply Savage to you. If you’d like to help us get there, check out our Patreon Page and pledge ($2 gets you a free wild die), and if you do it in March, you’ll also get a free copy of Winter Eternal by Just Insert Imagination!

      Be sure to complete the survey if you get a chance, and tell us more about what you think of the show and how else we can improve it.

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