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For those of you who wanted to know how to get one of these awesome Ace! Wild Dice, your time has come! We’ve set up our first reward for our Patreon page with details on how you can get one.

For those of you who wanted to know how to get one of these awesome Ace! Wild Dice, your time has come! We’ve set up our first reward for our Patreon page with details on how you can get one.

Winners of the Fabled Environments Giveaway Contest

Savage Bloggers Network and Fabled Environments are excited to announce the winners of the Fabled Environments Giveaway Contest!

Third Place Winner

Scott Marchand Davis

Map Used

An Average Modern Shopping Mall

Adventure Proposed

Set in a far future post-apocalyptic version of New England filled with magic, psionics, artifice, alchemy, and divine power from nine gods, as well as new humanoid races, the party fights against lizardmen and other parties from rival cities to recover ancient stones from a ruined mall holds unlooted powerstones (diamonds)!

Second Place Winner

Rich Fox

Map Used

Church from the An Average Wild West Town

Adventure Proposed

Set in 1926 Buchanan, MI, a group of Boy Scouts and their Scout master camp near an old dense forest curious about the strange sightings and noises at night only to discover an old church where strange things are afoot.

First Place Winner

Eric Lamoureux

Map Used

An Average Modern Bowling Alley

Adventure Proposed

Strangeness is abound when college students go missing after the launch party for a new energy drink, Spidermonkey, and the clues lead back to the location of the party, the bowling alley, and its owner.

What’s Next?

Congratulations to the winners, and a big thank you to everyone who submitted an entry! Fabled Environments will be reaching out to the winners regarding their prizes and next steps for working on those one-sheet adventures.

Be sure to keep listening to the podcast for possible contests in the future.

New SBN Podcast: Simply Savage!

The Savage Bloggers Network presents Simply Savage, a new Savage Worlds podcast in which Ron and Kristian will discuss ways to keep the Savage Worlds tabletop role-playing game fast, furious, and fun!

In Simply Savage, Ron and Kristian will talk about a chosen topic for approximately 15 to 20 minutes in length, sticking to our short format you’ve come to love. The podcast will release as topics come to mind, but no more than weekly and only if we really feel we have something worth talking about (we don’t want to waste your precious limited free time).

Current Podcast Subscriptions

The SBN Podcast previously contained the main SBN podcast episodes as well as the occasional SBN Hangouts on Air. This will remain the same, and Simply Savage will be added into the mix, too.

Podcast Title Changes

To distinguish the content, we will be modifying the titles of the episodes to indicate with which show each podcast release is associated. With that in mind, we’ll be explicitly naming the default SBN podcast episodes with a new podcast name–SBN News! SBN News episode numbers will continue with the current progression as well.

Separate Feed Subscriptions

For those who are only interested in specific shows, we’ve made available separate feeds for SBN News, Simply Savage (when the first episode releases), and SBN Hangouts on Air. That means you can subscribe to the content in which you’re most interested.

For a list of all subscription options, visit our podcast subscription page where you’ll find links to the full SBN Podcast feed as well as the separate show feeds.

Fabled Environments Giveaway Contest

Fabled Environments and the Savage Bloggers Network are excited to bring you the Fabled Environments Map Giveaway Contest. The rules for entry are simple.

How to Enter

Pick one or two maps from Fabled Environments’ current catalog with which you’d like to run encounters or an adventure. In 250 words or less submit a summary of the encounters or adventure. Submit your entry via email to with the subject “FE Giveaway Entry” (or just click that email link).
Entries must be submitted by September 8, 2015!


Three entries will be selected to win one of the prizes below.

First Place Prize

The first place winner will receive a copy of the full Fabled Environments Current Catalog – 7/15 Bundle.

Second Place Prize

The second place winner will receive a copy of the three Fabled Environments Kickstarter maps below:

Third Place Prize

The third place winner will be allowed to choose one of the Kickstarter map packs among the second place prizes above.

And for Each of the Three Winners…

Each of the winning contestants will have the opportunity to write up a one-sheet adventure based on their submitted summary to be published by Fabled Environments with full credit to the authors!


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to use the email link above to reach us.

The SBN Podcast Has a New Home

The SBN Podcast has migrated off of SoundCloud over to Blubrry and WordPress. We also have a spiffy new site!

The Savage Bloggers Network Podcast has migrated off of SoundCloud and is now being hosted using Blubrry, WordPress, and PowerPress. Keen observers might notice that the entire SBN website has been migrated from Blogger to WordPress as well. This move brings both the updates from the main SBN web site and podcast content into a single home. For you, our loyal followers and listeners, the change should be transparent. (If you encounter any issues, please let us know!)

Why the Move?

Initially, I thought it would be easiest and more cost effective to host the Savage Bloggers Network on SoundCloud. It worked well for a little while, but I began to notice some features lacking from SoundCloud, and it seemed that its developers had a strange sense of priorities when it came to hosting podcasting. There are also rumors of SoundCloud facing some issues with generating revenue and funding as well as legal issues with the major music labels, ads being inserted in the service, and a subscription model coming up for listeners. As a result, I began to have concerns about hosting the podcast on SoundCloud because the service in general seems to be having an identity crisis.

I also found myself becoming increasingly frustrated with Blogger’s limitations. It was easy to migrate the site because it wasn’t deeply integrated in the Google ecosystem with Google comments and such. Additionally, it wasn’t the ideal platform for hosting a podcast. After doing some research, it seemed Blubrry + WordPress + PowerPress was the best combination.

Special thanks to the Gaming and BS Podcast for their promo code so that I could easily try out Blubrry without any additional cost.