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Ron and Kristian have a lot of fun recording each episode of the Savage Bloggers Network Podcast, and they certainly don’t do it for the riches gained. Quite honestly, as time has passed, they pretty much do it for two reasons:

  1. It’s cool to find things that are being created for Savage Worlds by fans, licensee, and publishers alike
  2. It gives them an excuse to hangout once a week, which they like doing.

That said, there are costs associated with producing a podcast–mostly hardware, software, editing, and hosting.
Blubrry’s small hosting is relatively inexpensive at $12 per month, but the more shows we do (like Simply Savage), the higher the cost of hosting. Before those files can be uploaded for your savage ears to listen to, they have to be edited, exported, and tagged appropriately, which takes time to do it ourselves or money to pay someone else to do it.

Additionally, the software landscape is ever changing. We’d like to explore new products and services that can potentially streamline our production cycle. For example, using a web-based service for multi-point recording might be in our future to do better interviews.

None of this is to imply that the Savage Bloggers Network Podcast is intended to cost you money. We’ll still produce these episodes for everyone to enjoy freely. The purpose of this Patreon campaign is solely to help us offset the cost in a sustainable way so that we can continue bringing you highlighted content from the Savage Worlds community every week as well as interviews and savage advice on running and playing the game.

Your patronage helps us do it all faster, better, and more, and with that, we thank you for helping us keep it fast, furious, and fun!

SBN on YouTube

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Last night the SBN hosted its first ever Hangouts on Air with guests Clint Black and Ron Blessing discussing the recent change to the Shaken recovery rule.

[Note: We had some technical issues early on as well as some hosting n00b issues (forgot to enable Q&A prior to the show), but everything smoothed out before too long.]

If you missed the show, you can catch them on the SBN’s new YouTube and SoundCloud channels as well as a podcast feed provided by SoundCloud. Keep reading for more details and links.


With the Hangout on Air comes SBN’s new YouTube channel. This episode could be the first of many to come, so be sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel and follow the Savage Bloggers Network on Google+ for future HoA events.


For those who want an audio-only podcast version, the content is available on the SBN’s SoundCloud channel and via SoundCloud’s new podcast feature which produces an RSS podcast feed so that you can listen to the show via the SoundCloud app or in your favorite podcast app the SBN Podcast.

Future Episodes

If you have any ideas for future episodes, feel free to drop a comment here or on Google+.

SBN Migrated off of Feedburner

As of this posting, the Savage Bloggers Network feed is no longer processed through Feedburner. The new feed URL now resides at Redirects have been put in place accordingly so that no existing subscriptions will break.

You might also notice that this site’s homepage no longer contains a preview of the feed. That preview was a feature of Feedburner, and losing it is a small price to pay for no longer depending on a barely supported system that Google could kill at any moment. However, a preview of the feed is available at the URL above. I’ll continue to research methods of providing a preview on this site if it’s something that people feel is important. For now, though, this site will act as a sort of “meta” site pertaining to the Savage Bloggers Network feed itself.

Storyweaver Games’ Thank You Gift to the SBN

Cover for High-Space: Into the Remnant

High Space: Into the Remnant has been the #1 item’s Hottest Titles list all week, and as a thank you present to the Savage Bloggers Network and its followers (that’s you!), +StoryWeaver Games has offered these four free downloads of its AAA Action Game Tiles.

I just wanted to personally thank you for the call out about my latest adventure, High-Space: Into the Remnant. It’s amazing – it’s still #1 on RPGNow’s Hottest List! And that’s at least partly due to the great word of mouth from you guys. I am in your debt. ~ +Joe Sweeney

The links below will discount and place the items in your cart.

So make with the clickety-click on the links above and download some free tiles. And while your at it, check out High Space to find out why it’s #1 on!

Switching from Feedburner Socialize to IFTTT

While in the mindset of switching from Google services, I’ve decided to stop using Feedburner‘s Socialize feature and instead am testing IFTTT for posting feed items to Twitter. Socialize hasn’t been very reliable, and it only grabbed the most recent 8 items. That means if it missed a batch for whatever reason, the next batch wouldn’t include those items that were skipped. For example, yesterday, Pinnacle’s own Tuesday updates didn’t make their way to Twitter, and I found that very frustrating. I figured it was time to find something more reliable.

Again, if you see any anomalies, feel free to post here.