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SBN News: Episode 041


The end of the SBN Podcast!

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6 responses to “SBN News: Episode 041”

  1. Primeval Atom Avatar
    Primeval Atom

    I Just found your podcast
    I guess I will just listen to all the previous episodes
    Congratulation on your new job
    And yes you do need time to play otherwise how can you talk about the game
    Enjoy the show and wish you guys the best!

    1. Kristian Serrano Avatar

      Thanks! This really was a tough call to make. What was really awkward was that there were other fans who had just started following us, and one who even became a Patreon supporter just after we recorded the episode.

      We hope you enjoy the catalog of episodes we have available and that they still bring you value. And don’t forget to subscribe to the aggregated SBN RSS feed to keep in touch with all of the great stuff people are making for Savage Worlds.

  2. binderoftheunboundbook Avatar

    Shame to hear you’re closing up shop, but glad to know that you’re moving onto bigger and better things!

    Thanks for all the mentions in regards to my Sundered Skies blog (the amazed look on my son’s face is a memory I’ll never forget when – in his words – he said “Dad is that you they are talking about on the American Radio?” Priceless!)



    1. Kristian Serrano Avatar

      Man, you’re internet famous!

      Thanks for the kind words, Marcu. And talking about your Sundered Skies blog was our pleasure.

  3. Vasant Avatar

    Aw man, sad to hear that you’re ending this podcast. I can’t blame you at all, though.
    Thanks for your great work, I hope I’ll like at least one of the other Savage Worlds podcasts nearly as much as I liked yours!

    1. Kristian Serrano Avatar

      Thank you so much for the kind words, Vasant, and for the support! The other podcasts might not be as frequent or as rich in news content, but they should hold you up for the purposes of getting other perspectives on the game.

      Also, if you want to stay current with the news, be sure to subscribe to the aggregated RSS feed at!

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