Feeding You the Savage Worlds Media Network

In collaboration with Pinnacle Entertainment Group, Inc. (PEG), the Savage Bloggers Network (SBN) feed is rebranding itself as the Savage Worlds Media Network (SWMN) feed. As a member of the SWMN, the SBN seeks to consolidate the content of the Savage Worlds community for the community.

Ten years ago, the SBN was born in a PEG forum thread where a handful of bloggers discussed cross-listing blogs and consolidating their posts. Since then, the content distributed through the SBN has grown, and the feed itself has advanced and taken some new Edges to bring its content far beyond blog posts. With the launch of the SWMN license, this collaboration is the next logical step forward.

As for the SBN itself, savagebloggers.net will remain as a home for its previously published content, including the SBN podcasts.

Below are some additional details about this change.


If you’re an existing subscriber, you will still receive updates in your RSS reader.

New subscribers can subscribe to the RSS feed at feed.savageworldsmedia.net or read the most recent content on the SBN site or on PEG’s site.

If you have any issues with your RSS subscription to the feed, email contact@savagebloggers.net.

Social Media Followers

The Twitter and Facebook profiles for the SBN will be renamed and rebranded, so if you follow the feed on either, you’ll still see updates from the feed through those channels.

Existing Content Publishers

Existing content publishers have nothing to worry about. If your feed was previously added to the SBN feed, it’ll remain as is. The only thing we ask is that you consider adding the Savage Worlds Media Network license to your site or content. If you have any questions regarding the SWMN license, contact PEGlicensing@gmail.com.

New Content Publishers 

Interested in joining the SWMN? Then read all about how to submit your feed.

When Will This Change Take Effect?

It’s already happening! You might have noticed some changes on the SBN Twitter profile and Facebook page.

More Information

If you have any questions about the feed, send an email to contact@savagebloggers.net. If you’re interested in the Savage Worlds Media Network license and want to know more, head over to PEG’s licensing page or email PEGlicensing@gmail.com.