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Simply Savage: Episode 004 – Playing to Your Weaknesses

Hindrances! Ron and Kristian discuss understanding and employing a character’s Hindrances as well as how GM’s can use them to encourage great role-playing.

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2 responses to “Simply Savage: Episode 004 – Playing to Your Weaknesses”

  1. Vasant Avatar

    Giving the opportunity to replace hindrances that just never get used is a good idea. Stuff like that happened at our table and I thought that the players would go after they needed the bennies, but treating Bennies like a “hard” resource doesn’t work so well.
    However, I don’t share your dislike for vengeful. Sure, it can be mighty annoying, but many of the roleplaying hindrances can be. Heroic characters, for example, – especially when they additionally have stubborn – can be a big burden for the whole group, but also a great lead to get the adventure rolling. Same goes for vengeful in my opinion.

    1. Kristian Serrano Avatar

      Thanks for the feedback, Vasant! I agree with respect to those Hindrances (I imagine you’re referring to Bloodthirsty and Vengeful). They can be fantastic story elements and paths to new adventures, and I’ve seen them successfully used as such, but I think it’s also a challenge for players to use them responsibly. It’s like using a gun. You can’t just wave it around and shoot at anything aimlessly. It needs to be used with controlled aim to be used effectively.

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